MY DEAR DIARY: Wtf? Hate this? Ok, lets see…

Březen 1, 2017

My diary is my world, my year, my month, my day. I know where should I be and where I was thanks that. It’s my memory of good and bad meetings, movies or activities (such as dentist :/).

I think that every girl has already written this sentence “My dear diary” and most of us love to visit stationary – I do as well. I used to write a genuine diary when I was teenager but since I have been writing this blog I don’t feel need to do so. Instead of that I have my daily diary.

I’ve been using the simple one by Czech brand Papelote. There is one week calendar on the left side and on the right is a free sheet to make my notes about travelling memories for example. To make it much more mine I stick on tickets, business cards, maps or even though coins. When I find an invitation text in magazine I like to add it there and a funny photo as well. When I go through I find an inspirational outfit, family photo or postcards from my friends.

The first page is all about my goals for this year. There are lots of small things to do which can challenge my year. To see them every day I use the first sheet.

When I want to know what kind of current exhibitions I can visit right know – I have a list. The same with outfits I consider to be interesting for you – I usually make a small sketch, write a short description and think about the best place to take photos.

A really new thing is a chart of measurements for me. It’s on every page with the beginning of the month and thanks that I know what is my losing weight about. I can find proportion of waist, hips, butt and thighs – the most problematic parts of my body – there. This trick taught me my friend because you can’t notice all the changes.

I can find café addresses at the end – that help me to find out the new one and don’t forget the old one. The same with films (there are so many I want to watch and the list is longer and longer). My favorite part is where to shop sustainably in Prague – these are mostly Czech brands with unique style and goods (such as Soap, Leather Utilities, Ingredients and so on – post about that soon).

Creating my own diary is a form of creativity and relaxation for me. I usually listen to music or watch a movie during that and drink a cup of hot tea. Nothing more. This all makes me happy and show me my experience through the year.

What is your sentence “Dear Diary” about?

Have you ever written a diary or done something like that?

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2 komentáře

  • Reply Johanka Březen 3, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    Téda, vidím, že vedení diáře bereš opravdu vážně. Hlavně tvoření a postování outfitových článků, u mně je to spíš vždycky nárazová akce a ty ještě řešíš pozadí – klobouk dolů, že to tak neflákáš :D!
    A k otázkám – Milý deníčku pro mě znamená..divnou větu, jelikož, třebaže si deník vedu, nezačínám touhle větou. Popravdě si ten deník vedu taky hodně nárazově, jelikož se mi hlavou hodní tolik věcí, že mě pak vždycky bolí ruka a vzdám to :DD.

    • Reply Karolína Březen 4, 2017 at 6:09 pm

      Já to tak musím dělat – jinak bych měla ve všem chaos a nevěděla, co dřív :).
      S tím ručně psaným deníkem to mám podobně. Jednu dobu jsem si ho vedla dost pravidelně, ale pak jsem právě přestala stíhat zachytit všechny myšlenky. Daleko víc se mi osvědčila „myšlenková mapa“, kdy nepíšu celé sáhodlouhé věty, ale jen takové záblesky :D.

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