Czech version

Recently, I read an article on the topic of poverty in the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, the number of people living in poverty is much higher than expected, almost 10% of Czech citizens. Is there anything I can do to change or to avoid this situation? Personally?  Minimalist and zero/less waste lifestyle are the core of non-consumerism. What do I do to save money?

My 10 tips how to save money and planet too

  1. Learn how to say NO to all the unwanted and unnecessary bargains and free products. I used to have so many unused testers in my bathroom. I never used them up and had to throw away eventually anyway.
  2. Quality over quantity.
  3. I am only using products, that I already own. I am also avoiding buying similar products to those I already own.
  4. Avoid impulsive shopping – aka don’t go shopping when you feel unhappy. The shopping is bringing very temporary happiness.
  5. If in doubts, go home and wait for at least 24h (or even two days). If the thing is still coming up on my mind, I will buy it.
  6. I always carry a reusable bottle and lunch box. Same for canvas and grocery bags.
  7. Bea Johnson –zero waste guru – says that we should consume what was already made before we buy something new.
  8. Make your own monthly budget. If you want to, you can use some of the special apps for this purpose.
  9. Borrow it! I don’t organise a barbecue every day. That is why I don’t need to buy my own grill and borrow it instead if needed. Try to search for some web page where you can borrow it.
  10. Is there some activity you would like to try out or some new experience? For me, it’s dancing and travelling. Bit costly, isn’t it? That is the reason why I am saving some money in advance.

I’m halfway through month-lasting “no shopping” challenge. I’d like to save some money for my upcoming trip to Frankfurt. A small leather bag would be also nice.

One of my childhood memories is my piggy-bank. I always tried to save up for what I wanted the most. And some of those things last till now. For me, it’s proof that it’s all worth the effort.

Have you ever considered how many unnecessary things we buy and own?