When push comes to shove we always seek help in the depths of our handbags. But sometimes is not easy to get suitable one.

I’m wearing: second-hand leather jacket, vintage white shirt, Mango jeans, Hoegle heels, vintage straw bag

I always loved the tale of Mary Poppins, her fascinating big tote was a hiding place for almost anything you could possibly ever dream of. Hermiona was able to perfect this magic by carrying in her pompadour bag all the books and clothes not only for herself but also for her other two friends too. My handbag is like my second home to me. Since the early morning departure from home till the return at the end of the day, I need to carry all the necessities I could possibly need.

It’s not easy to pick one, I am very demanding. I always look for:

  • Genuine leather (I do own on inherited from my mum. Handbag itself older then 30y – a prove of a high quality and high cost per wear as well),
  • Light – not more then 1,5kg,
  • Neutral colour,
  • Timeless design,
  • Comfy to carry – two straps and shoulder strap.

I’m voting for these brands, as their production is as fair as it can get:

DufkaDenise Roobol: vegan material bagMoi MoiLorenaRoyal RepubliQ

Sustainable handbags are produced by O My Bag. The leather is tanned without the use of chlorine, which means that the bags are biodegradable and easily decomposable. The inside of the bag is made from organic cotton certified with GOTS. Their websites are providing info even about particular factories. Brands creating with similar concept are Lorena, Denise Roobol, Moi Moi or Royal RepuliQ.

Note – I’d like to publish an article about the impact of leather shoes and bags production on the environment, hopefully in October.

I am looking for small, black clutch bag, already for about a month. This bag/clutch should be able to fit in a bit more than just phone, keys and debit card (book wouldn’t hurt). It’s not easy to find, I have to admit.

As for Czech design, worth mentioning is PBG Studio. You can find their handbags even in popular berlin shop Studio 183.

LorenaLorenaRoyal RepubliqO My BagAtomy

As for French, mention deserves:  A.P.C.SezaneSessunRoujePolene

Vegan version

Angela RoiAngela RoiCorkorIna KoellnLa Bante LondonMatt and NattMatt and Natt, Tea BagRony Black

Lately, the bit more luxurious version of handbags is also getting my interest. I like to go through Etsy or Vestaire Collective. Slow Bazar, small shop Vintage Gallery on Ovocný trh or butique Phase 2, all of them in Prague.

I like how the leather bag gains some sort of patina or scuff, all of it caused by frequent usage and time. Vintage pieces, preferably. And for those, I don’t mind traveling the world to find. Berlin or Munich are offering wide variety of vintage shops and flea markets where you can find true treasures.

What is important for you personally, when you are choosing new handbag? Do you have any you would dream of?

Photo: @janabenesova