HISTORY OF trousers

Únor 2, 2017

We wear them every day. These are pants and millions of us love them because we can feel comfortable, do anything we want and feel self-confident. It’s not a secret that we stole them from men’s wardrobe (Coco Chanel did the same with the V – neck cashmere sweater which  belonged to her boyfriend Boy Capel). The first known woman who wore trousers in public was Luisa Capetillo and she was sent to jail for that. Their fashionables raised up thanks to Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn during the 20s and 30s. The critical point came with the Second World War when women wore their husband’s trousers while working in factories.


I think that we owe a huge thanks to these women. They were really brave and gave us freedom of movement (svobodu pohybu?). Thanks!

I’m glad to have such a wool trousers in my wardrobe. I bought it few days ago in a small second hand. So I have decided to do a small research how to wear them. From the history I took a belt which can create a perfect femine figure. To them I would wear a shirt or white T-Shirt and add a gold chain? Or bracelet. I really love the combination with white sneakers (I know that Stan Smith are mainstream but you know it looks so cool) or with loafers. I think that the whole outfit should look comfortable and carefree.

pictures: Pinterest, Polienne

Have you known the history of trousers? And how would you combine such a one?

Have a nice week, Karo

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