Únor 12, 2017


how are you? I hope you are well and fresh after the weekend. This is the end of my two week holiday I had between my winter and summer semester. I mostly spent that time with my family at home and it was so refreshing and calm after the stressful four months of school. But I’m in Prague right now and school is beginning tomorrow again.

In todays post I’d like to tell you the truth about wearing that small crossbody bag in my outfit photos. It’s hoax. When you see my outfit with that tiny bag I have, trust me that there is a huge backpack full of my daily stuff I need, somewhere behind the camera. It’s my wish to be able just wear almost nothing with me but…

When I was studying grammar school I believed that university studies mean to look like a lady with a handback, one notebook a and pen. No, that was a bad joke. I have been feeling like beast of burden for two years and my huge backpack weighs neerly 4 kilos. On weekends I try to wear a bag that is as small as possible to feel free but I usually end up with so many things (a bottle of water, book I want to read in public transport, my camera, my „city last rescue packet“, diary …).

I believe that each of us know what I mean. Since backpacks are a fashionable thing nowdays, there isn’t a problem to have as many things as we want, have free hands for other things and still look cool.


I’m wearing wool coat, jacket and turtleneck (seconhand), black jeans (Promod), vintage leather backpack, belt and leather Tamaris boots

What do you think about „I need to have all that stuff“ vs „ladylike style“?

I don’t know what would I do without my Burton bagpack. Tell me what is yours? 

Have a nice week, Karo

photos: Agáta

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  • Reply an2a Duben 12, 2017 at 7:31 am

    to sáčko! ❤️

    • Reply Karolína Duben 12, 2017 at 8:35 am

      To víš, sekáč 🙂

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